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Boomer Hot ’09 Women & Men 11 – 20

Boomer Women & Men 11 – 20

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Annette Bening
May 29, 1958  51
“Oh, honey, I’m from Oklahoma! This is who I am–middle-class all the way!”
 Our Why: Great actress, great heart, and the ultimate bachelor fell in love with her–because she’s her own woman, truly.
Ben Stiller    November 30, 1965
“I have a lot of nervous energy. Work is my best way of channeling that into something productive unless I want to wind up assaulting the postman or gardener. “
 Our Why: Someone who is responsible for laughter in the world has to be Boomer Hot.
Barbara Kingsolver
April 8, 1955  54
“The truth needs so little rehearsal.”
“If we can’t, as artists, improve on real life, we should put down our pencils and go bake bread.”
 Our Why: US novelist who has written classics, which will be immortal for generations..
Ben Vereen    October 10, 1946  63 “Sometimes we look for those thunderous things to happen in our life for our lives to change or go in the other direction. We seek the miracle. We seek the parting of the seas, the moving of the mountains. But no, it’s a quiet thing. At least for me it was.”
 Our Why: You know why–the man is brilliant and gorgeous!
Barbara Bach
August 27, 1947  62
“I never felt I was a fantastic beauty and I did not want to be known as a sex symbol. I had different parts offered to me where I was to play attractive, sexy people, but I was not interested.”
 Our Why: A spy loved her, a Beatle loves her, she’s a ‘Fashion Aid’ and she’s gorgeous.
Bernhard Langer    October 30, 1957 51 “I like reading my bible, I like bible studies where I get together with others and talk about the word of God and how it relates to us and how we can change to become more like Him.”
 Our Why:  Humble man, great dad, great sportsman…need we say more?
Barbara Millicent Roberts
March 9, 1959  50
I don’t think she has one!
 Our Why: All the hours of fun she gave us boomers and the dreams we got to dream playing Barbie; she helped little girls find their voices.
Bill Gates
October 28, 1955  53
“If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG.”
 Our Why: Philanthropy and Computers: Where would they be without him?
Belinda Carlisle    August 17, 1958  51 “You don’t have to be age 20 and size zero to be sexually viable or viable as a woman.”
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 Our Why: Encourages people to Live Your Life Be Free and just have a Go-Go at living.
Billy Gibbons
December 16, 1949  59
“Same three guys, right here. Same three chords right here. And we’ve been doing this for 35 years.”
 Our Why: Those three chords are forever immortal–we fall in love with them all over again and again…each time we hear them.