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Boomer Hot ’09 Women & Men 71 – 80

Boomer Hot Women & Men 71 – 80



Greta Van Susteren
June 11, 1954 

“I am a citizen fed up with the way the country is headed…While they may be well intentioned, I have lost my confidence that the professional politicians can turn things around. The U.S. Senate needs to be shaken up, and I am not afraid to do it.”
 Our Why: She’s the best thing that came out of the OJ trials.  Straight forward, honest, interesting and she asks the questions we actually want asked.  Thank you Greta.
George Foreman
January 10, 1949  60                 
“It’s funny. I remember calling Ali and telling him, ‘If we have this fight, you and I will get $5 million,’ and he said, ‘Are you in? Then I’ll promote it.’ Then the fight was on. What could I do?”
 Our Why: Everything this God loving, great full man does is impeccable. 
Helen Mirren
July 26, 1945  64
“All you have to do is to look like crap on film and everyone thinks you’re a brilliant actress. Actually, all you’ve done is look like crap.”
 Our Why: She is a brilliant actress and man, she looks great.
Glenn Beck
February 10, 1964  45
“Only those afraid of the truth seek to silence debate, intimidate those with whom they disagree or slander their ideological counterparts. Those who know they are right have no reason to stifle debate because they realize that all opposing arguments will ultimately be overcome by fact.”
 Our Why: Energy, passion, interesting, author, radio host, clean and sober, TV show–multi-talented. Number one best-selling author almost before his book was even released and his show is catching on fire, too.
July 25, 1955  54
“I’ve always said that I was an accomplice to the Iman mythology, never a victim.”
 Our Why: Not only is she absolutely freakin’ gorgeous, she is smart, and she does a lot of humanitarian work.
Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
October 2, 1951  57
“I think I mentioned to Bob [Geldof] I could make love for eight hours. What I didn’t say was that this included four hours of begging and then dinner and a movie.”
 Our Why: The music, the looks, the charity work…yum.
Ivana Trump
February 20, 1949  60
“I made a tremendous amount of money on real estate. I’ll take real estate rather than go to Wall Street and get 2.8 percent. Forget about it.”
 Our Why: “Don’t get mad. Get everything!” and “Looking good is the best revenge.”  We learned a lot from Ivana Trump, how to get kicked and then triumph.  Thank you Ivana.
Gregg Allman
December 8, 1947  61          
“I said, other people can write songs, let’s see if I can. So the first 400 or 500 wound up on the floor somewhere. Then I wrote one called Melissa.”
 Our Why: Melissa isn’t the only classic he wrote–it opened the flood gate for music we will love forever.  He is a music icon–a legend in his own time.
J.K. Rowling
July 31, 1965  44
“I just write what I wanted to write, I write what amuses me. It’s totally for myself.”
 Our Why: “There are some things you can’t share without ending up liking each other,”  said Rowling. And, we ended up loving you J.K. Rowling after you shared what you liked with us. 
Herschel Walker
March 3, 1962  47
“My God given talent is my ability to stick with training longer than anybody else.”
 Our Why: Honest, humble, hard-working, honorable: He has taught us how to do the H words well.