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Boomer Hot ’09 Women & Men 31 – 40

Boomer Hot Women & Men 31 – 40



Cathy Guisewite   
September 5, 1950 58
“Food, love, career, and mothers; the four major guilt groups.”
 Our Why: She shares Cathy with us, which makes us laugh at the everyday lives of real people and our foibles.
Christopher Guest   
February 5, 1948  
“But I am interested in the notion that people can become so obsessed by their world that they lose sense and awareness of how they appear to other people. They`re so earnest about it. But, that`s true of so many things.”
 Our Why: Simply funny, he has more talent in his fingers than many in their whole body, and those ugly white shoes, they make us laugh every time.  BTW, did you know he can play 20 different instruments–really well?
Charla Krupp    54 “Aging sucks.”      For more Charla, Click Here.
 Our Why: While aging may suck, Charla doesn’t take it sitting in a rocking chair, she gets out there and shows us how to dress and look our best.
Clive Owen
October 3, 1964  44
“The sexiest part of the body is the eyes. That’s what I believe.” 
 Our Why: Baby, we love your eyes, and your accent, and your charisma…
May 20, 1946  63
“The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing–and then marry him.”      For more Cher, Click Here.
 Our Why: She may be 63, but the Boomer Hot has still got it.  Cher was voted number One Boomer Hot Female last year and people voted for her all year round.  There’s just something about her.
Daniel Craig   
March 2, 1968  41
“We can’t go fully Monty in Bond, because we can’t get the rating.”
 Our Why: This man is Boomer Hot, he is gorgeous, and he can act, too.  We’d give high marks for the full Monty, Daniel.  Really, we would!  Tom Ford is a lucky man, he gets to dress this man.
Chris Evert   
December 21, 1954  54
“Every time; all the time, I’m a perfectionist. I feel I should never lose.”
 Our Why: She made tennis fun and interesting, brought a new awareness to  Boomers about tennis, and her bantering with Bjorn was fun, too.  She’s a lady, a first-class champion, and a wonderful family person.  She taught us, you really can have it all.
David Bowie   
January 8, 1947 
“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”
“I’m always amazed that people take what I say seriously. I don’t even take what I am seriously.”
 Our Why: Never dull, never boring, and the music–the classical, iconic music.  Is it any wonder he has Fame
Condoleezza Rice     November 14, 1954  54 “The people of the Middle East share the desire for freedom. We have an opportunity–and an obligation–to help them turn this desire into reality.”
 Our Why: Inspirational, transcends…she is all woman; smart, kind, tough and not afraid to use her brain, put up boundaries or let ’em have it when they need it–all the while still being a lady with good manners.  Phenomonal.
Dennis Miller
November 3, 1953  55                     
“A new poll shows that Senator Kerry’s support in the South is strongest amongst blacks. Kerry’s appeal to Southern blacks is obvious. He is a white man who lives far, far away.”
 Our Why:  He comes up with the funniest lines, how does he do that?