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About The Magazine

A Celebration of Passion and Vibrancy

Living Life…Boomer Style Magazine celebrates the lifestyle Boomers have created in music, movies, travel, fashion and all things concerning Boomers.  The magazine shows the vibrancy of life in its prime—being in your 40s, 50s and 60s is great.  
The Writers and Photographers

One of the requirements to be a writer or photographer for the magazine is to have a sense of humor and use it, plus to write intelligently—no dumbing down here.  Many on the team are writer/photographers, which explains the of use of many fabulous images.  The team members are dedicated and their passion for the magazine is evident because everyone volunteers their talents.

The magazine has 98 percent original content, loves to show notable work of new photographers, and has mentored developing new writers. While most writers are baby boomers, not all are.  And, not all readers of the magazine are baby boomers.

GreenTech Friendly 

Living Life…Boomer Style Magazine is GreenTech friendly and is the epitome of bringing ‘Green’ and Tech together.  No trees are damaged during the publishing of its issues, as all content is published online. The editors, writers, photographers and mentors all work out of their homes and commute either via email or telephone.  They are a close knit group even though they are spread out around the world–and they work well together as a team.

Music Icons

Living Life…Boomer Style profiles many Boomer Icons.  Their music department not only profiles the top bands and musicians Boomers grew up with; it also features the artists’ discographies and their concert schedules.  You can buy your concert tickets online at the magazine, too.  It is a full service music department, offered for their your convenience.

And, new artists are featured who create music Boomers love in the Boomer Friendly Music department.  It is a great way to add new music to your CD library.

Boomer Hot Lists

Another way Boomer Icons are celebrated is the Boomer Hot list. The magazine coined the phrase ‘Boomer Hot’ and defines ‘Boomer Hot’ as: Boomer Hot is earned by growing into life full throttle. When life gets messy—if you’re Boomer Hot, life does get messy once in awhile (it’s part of what makes you interesting), you handle it with grace and honesty—or discretion. And then, there’s that sex appeal…the charisma. It’s in the eyes…in the demeanor. The intensity is right there. You see it. You feel it. Also, Boomer Hot is taking care of addictions—not letting them run you at this age in the game. Most Boomer Hot’s don’t take themselves too seriously and most have a wonderful sense of humor. Plus, Boomer Hot is about doing something bigger than you. Creating…

Boomer Hot is the whole package.


Living Life…Boomer Style coined the ‘Top 20 Short List’ of things to do at a travel destination. Also, lovely photo essays of interestiing places to visit, as well as profile pieces on lovely destination pieces. These profiles are usually accompanied  by several interesting articles to really give you the flavor of the town, city, or landmark.

A View from Robin’s Nest and Emily Browne

Two original columns exclusive to Living Life…Boomer Style magazine.  They are fun, humorous, and well written.  Robin Hoselton is a prolific writer who has authored one book and is writing her second novel.  She writes the column, A View from Robin’s Nest and says it comes from fodder in her life.  Emily Browne is written by Dawn Bonner.  Emily Browne is a fictional character who is upbeat, curious, with no taboos on anything.  The column is a health and beauty column, while the character is fictional–subjects discussed in the column are done with reporting and facts.  Making Emily Browne, not only funny–laugh out loud funny at times, you may also pick up a few pointers.


We have experts who write engaging articles on health; ranges from mental health to physical health.  Plus, tips on staying healthy, addiction issues, and exercise.


Living Life…Boomer Style is an interactive magazine and is a place to have your voice heard. To tell it as you see it in a respectful tone. In each department of the magazine is a Contact Us page for readers to send us their thoughts, stories and opinions.

Spiritual, Inspire, Unsung Heroes, Fashion, and Other Surprise Goodies

There are many surprises waiting for you at Living Life…Boomer Style, with 35 different departments and several different blogs, you will find something to amuse, entertain, and enjoy.