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Elvis Presley

April 30, 2012 by shelli.carlisle in Music with 5 Comments
Sylvia Browne, a world renown psychic, channeled Elvis Presley less than 24 hours after his death.

Sylvia Browne, World Renown Psychic

Sylvia Browne
World Renown Psychic

His Career, Death, and Experiences on the Other Side

On August 16, 1977, the news of Elvis Presley’s death shook the world. On the first anniversary of his death, Sylvia Browne made front page headlines when she talked to Elvis by channeling the pop icon to ask him questions about the Other Side.

Sylvia remembers Elvis and her conversations with him, and shares details about his peaceful time on the Other Side and his reincarnation.

Browne Shares her Experiences

To this day, I have no explanation for the sense of significant loss I felt, along with countless others around the world, at the news on August 16, 1977 that Elvis Presley was dead at the impossibly unfair age of 42. I still remember that I was at my desk in my office when I heard about it, and that everything seemed off for the rest of the day, Browne writes.

I couldn’t have been more shocked when, within hours of Elvis’s death, the press was calling, asking for anything I could give them on his passing, ideally some kind of actual contact with him on the Other Side. Of course, I was hardly the only psychic whose phone was ringing that day, but you have to bear in mind that in 1977 my ‘Fame’ was still in its growing stages, and I wasn’t exactly a renowned Elvis Presley expert. I said I’d be glad to do what I could and offered to trance Francine, my Spirit Guide, to try to get in touch with Elvis, which is never guaranteed to be successful.

San Francisco Examiner First

Even back then it wasn’t unusual to find articles about psychics in the tabloids. But I may have been a front-page first for the San Francisco Examiner, which announced that a psychic named Sylvia Browne, through “her spiritual guide, an Inca spirit named Francine who died in 1519,” had successfully contacted and talked with the late, great Elvis Presley less than 24 hours after his death.

Elvis Presley

Elvis was Fast

Sometimes it frustrates me, in order for Francine to borrow my body and voice from trances, I have to excuse myself for the duration. This was one of those times.

I would love to have witnessed this and had these conversations with Elvis myself. As it is, all I can do is share the information I heard on tape after the fact, with some editorializing on my part.

Like, for example, the impressive speed with which Elvis made it to the Other Side, for Francine to be able to talk with him so clearly and so soon after he died. It was a quick, easy trip Home for him, sped along by the faith in God that was always alive and well at the core of his soul.

Going to the Other Side

He was in a very small room when he died, he told Francine, and was immediately conscious of the fact that he had passed over. He’d had a headache earlier that day, didn’t feel well, and his back hurt, and he went into this small room with a book.

He died very quickly in that room, without struggling or suffering. He’d had problems with his lower intestine for the previous two and a half years, which he’d mentioned to a few friends – particularly a John and a Charlie – and he was on medication and steroids, but his death was unintentional and accidental.

Filled with Music

Elvis was immediately met on the Other Side by his adored mother, Gladys, for whom he’d designated the pet name Gladiola.  Waiting for him with her were his twin brother Jesse and a friend named Chuck. His life at Home is blissful, filled with music, his voice even richer and more heavenly than we can imagine. He and countless other transcended-musicians give magnificent, celebrated concerts…

Priscilla, Lisa Marie and Elvis Presley

Precious Lisa

Elvis had always wished he’d been as skilled at loving individual people as he was at loving large, more anonymous groups of them. No one was more precious to him than his daughter, Lisa Marie, and there’s no question that he loved Priscilla, he just felt their marriage was doomed because they had so little quiet, private, normal time together.

He hoped Priscilla would remember at one point they planned on having many children, just to validate this was really him talking, offering information no one else could possibly have.

Attempts on His Life

Elvis was aware of sixteen separate attempts on his life, which understandably made him paranoid, fearful, and anxious. Relaxation and sleep did not come easily to him without medication. He had a premonition of his death six months before it happened, and for those last six months he came to think of the song My Way as his farewell message to his fans.

Personal Messages from Elvis

To further confirm this really was Elvis talking, he passed along a few personal messages to his father, Vernon. One was simply the name “Ruta May.” Another was that Vernon’s concerns about his chest area weren’t as serious as he might think. Yet, another was a game they played when Elvis was a boy, in which one of them would start a nursery rhyme and the other one would finish it.

Gladys, Elvis and Vernon Presley, 1937

Vernon and Charlie Call

Francine took it as a matter of course, but I don’t mind telling you I was blown away when, within a few short weeks of the San Francisco Examiner article’s appearance, both Vernon Presley and a very close friend of Elvis’s named Charlie Hodge called to validate the information Elvis had passed along through Francine.

I’ll always be grateful to both men, not only for the validation but also for the time and trouble they took in the midst of their grief to let me know Elvis’s words from Home, so clearly and unquestionably his, had brought them some comfort.

Sylvia Talks to Elvis

In 1977, John Stark, a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner, contacted Sylvia for an exclusive interview where she was able to communicate with Elvis on the Other Side. This was the first time in her career that Sylvia was pictured on the front page of a major newspaper. The photo showed Sylvia in a trance state as she was channeling Francine.

In the article, Stark referred to Sylvia as “one of the world’s most famous and oft-quoted psychics. She is a trance medium, which means she is able to communicate with spirits on the ‘Other Side,’ which in medium talk is the after world.”

Sylvia’s Interview

Sylvia agreed to give Stark an exclusive interview on the first anniversary of Elvis’s death.

Stark wrote, “She [Sylvia]went into a trance in her office. Her eyes rolled, her voice dropped, and Francine took possession. Presley answered my questions through Francine. When the interview was over, Browne came to, claiming to remember nothing.”

Elvis Presley, the King of music will forever live on in our hearts.

“The King”

Elvis Attended His Funeral

Through Sylvia (who was channeling Francine), Elvis talked about attending his own funeral and still giving concerts on the Other Side.

“He frequents a music hall there. He was writing, or thinking about going heavily into gospel music before his death. Even in the beginning of his life, he says he wanted to be a gospel singer.”

When asked how Elvis felt about getting older and losing his looks, Sylvia said that the bloating was of great concern to Elvis.

“He had even mentioned to close friends that rather than get old and flabby, he would rather die.”

Elvis also talked about how much more popular he is now than before he died.

“He states that in the last two years of his life his popularity was beginning to wane, and he almost chose to take this exit. Sylvia clarifies, Please don’t misconstrue this. I do not mean he committed suicide. But, that everyone in life has a time when they can choose to go out by one means, or another. He actually took this exit point, which did coincide his own mother’s death time.”

Elvis’ Previous Lives

The music legend also spoke about a previous life. “He was a troubadour, a traveling minstrel in Europe.” And, he mentioned his favorite song was “Heartbreak Hotel.” When asked if he met anyone famous on the Other Side, he mentioned “a buddy” and said “he’d also seen Bing.”

Stark inquired whether the music superstar was upset by the commercialism of his name. Elvis said that he could see what’s going on in Memphis and Graceland and fondly called it a “circus.” Sylvia continued, “Elvis is pleased that his friends are making money on some of the things that he accomplished. He says he doesn’t particularly like the whole aspect of key chains with his picture on them, but says that that’s the way the world handles things.”

Elvis, Army proud

Proud of Being in the Army

Was there one thing in his life that he was most proud of?

“For some reason, being in the Army,” he said. “It was because so many people thought I was too soft, or pampered to really enjoy it.”

Stark also asked if he had a drug problem.

“No,” Sylvia said. “Every time I’ve spoken with him he has mentioned that he took medication for pain, to sleep, and to ease his fear and anxiety. But it really doesn’t seem to be drug problem and he has no reason to lie at this point.”

Is there anything else Elvis would like to say to us?

“He knows that grieving is a natural by-product, but says he doesn’t want to be made into a god. He wants us to realize he had charisma, but everyone has the potential for this quality.”

Sylvia’s Update on Elvis Today

When Sylvia reviewed her notes on the trance in 1977 just after Elvis’s untimely death, she said the popular legend distinctly told Francine that he’d already planned his next incarnation.

“I did a double-take when I reread it,” Sylvia said. “Elvis will be a singer again, this time with light hair and light eyes.”

Elvis Reincarnated in 2004

Sylvia further explains that Elvis incarnated (as a male infant) in 2004 somewhere in the state of Georgia. When asked if he would be another music sensation, Sylvia says, “He won’t gain any media attention, but he’ll be known in the gospel music industry many years from now.”

Sylvia confirms Elvis’s mother Gladys was prone to prophetic dreams and intuition, and she also said that Elvis, too, was intuitive. Sylvia often professes her strong belief in Divine power, and Elvis shared these beliefs. He knew everything he had came from God.

“I’ve always known there had to be a purpose for my life,” Elvis once said. “I’ve always felt an unseen hand behind me, guiding my life.”

Sylvia says Elvis spoke about his search for spirituality when he first left this earth and his yearning to discover the meaning of life.

Elvis rooted in gospel.

“I think that’s why he had such an affinity for gospel music,” said Sylvia.

Elvis always said that his music came from gospel and he even told a reporter once he knew “every gospel song there is.”

How does Elvis feel about the continuing commercialism of his name and the many impersonators who imitate his career?

“He doesn’t care now and he didn’t care when he was on the Other Side before he came back in,” Sylvia reveals.

What about all the Elvis sightings? Did “The King” really appear in various parts of the country, or visit his old stomping grounds after his death?

“No, none of these are valid,” Sylvia divulges. “When he died, he almost immediately went to the Other Side. He was gone.”

Elvis Can’t be Reached

Now that he has reincarnated back in life, Elvis is unreachable for new conversations or messages for us. But, when she spoke to him last, Sylvia says he always shared his deep admiration for his fans.

“He really loved people so much, but he was uncomfortable, and too shy and controlled to do what he wanted to do.”

God love you, I do,

From the Sylvia Browne Newsletter, Posted with permission from Hay House

In memory of Ms. Pat:  His Greatest Fan

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